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Oral Exam for Surgery

A little hint about oral exam for surgery for you guys.

  1. We will be divided into 6 groups: A, B, C, D, E, F. One group constitute of maybe 6-8 persons.
  2. As you all know, there are 3 stations:
    1. Anaesthesia
    2. Instruments and operations
    3. Jar and X-ray/ CT scan
    4. My group start with aneasthesia first, then instruments and jar.
    5. For anesthesia there is one “apparatus” ( I dunno the suitable words ) ex: endotracheal tube , spinal anesthesia needles, etc.. identify it and explain the indication. So baca la apa2 yang berkaitan (indication, complication, parts of the apparatus) and possible apparatus yang boleh ditanya, mcm laryngeal mask ke, epidural, dll.

Prof tanya jugak pasal Muscle Relaxant, shock, CVP, yg xde kaitan dgn instrument pun boleh ditanya, so bacalah semua.

  1. Instruments and operation:

–          Ada 3 instruments, identify and give the uses.

–          Pastu ada 5 jenis operation yang boleh ditanya:

  • Mastectomy
  • Cholycystectomy
  • Hemorroidectomy
  • Thyroidectomy
  • Inguinal Operation
  • Appendectomy

–          Pilih salah satu or maybe Doktor pilihkan ke, atau kena jawab semua ke? daripada byk2 operation kat atas, pastu terangkan:

  • Indications
  • Steps
  • Complications
  1. Xray/ CT scan and jar.
    1. Ada 2 jars, pilih salah satu pastu jwb:
      1. i.      Identify organ
      2. ii.      Pathology
      3. iii.      Clinical presentation of the patient
      4. iv.      Complications
  2. Ada satu X-ray, satu CT scan.
    1. i.      Identify types of imaging. Kalo CT kena ckp CT abdomen je ke/ CT abdomen and pelvis ke, guna contrast ke x, kalo guna contrast IV ke oral ke, 2-2 ke. Kalo X-ray: plain chest X-ray, view: lateral ke, types of contrast: barium meal/swallow/enema dll.
    2. ii.      Carik pathology cth: CT scan ada intrahepatic biliary dilatation, X-ray ada pipe stem appreance=Ulcerative colitis.
    3. iii.      Clinical Picture of the patient.

‘Ala kulli hal, ni just nak bg bayangan je utk exam esok, and please don’t rely upon this little info je tau. Baca semua utk keselamatan diri yang lebih sempurna.hehe.

Rabbuna yusahhil & All the best.

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  1. mekacih mysarah~~terkesima gak bace penerangan awak~~ ayok~~

    Comment by kjojie | December 14, 2009 | Reply

  2. thanks a lot maisarah.

    Comment by =) | December 14, 2009 | Reply

  3. seb baik ade post ni… xyah ulang2 explain kt org.. haha

    Comment by meorsoleh | December 14, 2009 | Reply

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